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About Us

We are in the world market with Bergama Grey Granite

Our company was founded in 1996 by Ferah İNKAYA in Terzihaliller Village, Bergama Kozak.

Eğinka Granit, with natural splitting and wet cutting methods; produces granite cubestones, kerbstones, rain gutters, step stones, grass kerbs, and slabs in desired sizes in a construction site of 1900 m² and offers these products after sandblasting or polishing according to demand. In addition to marketing its products in the country, it also exports to foreign markets with its world-class production.

Eğinka missionvision

Our mission is presenting world-class products by providing innovative, fast and high quality service according to the needs of our valued customers shaped by changing global trends with the principle of respect for nature; through a harmonious teamwork shaped by professional business ethics and a safe working environment for our employees.

Our vision is to be a respected and reliable company in the domestic and global markets, and to ensure that Bergama Gray Granit is recognized in the international granite market by representing our country with pride.

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