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The beginning of everything

Granite is a hard, crystalline substance formed as a result of the natural movements of the Earth’s core magma.

It is a type of rock consisting of structured minerals. It is found in nature in large and small masses. Granite, which comes from nature, is a frequently preferred mine with its respectful structure to human health and nature.

And the result

With our nature-friendly methods, we remove granite in blocks and turn it into certain dimensions with natural crushing and wet cutting.

As a result of sandblasting or polishing processes, we offer it to our valued customers. Bergama gray granite, which is the main ingredient of our products, is a frequently preferred product, although it provides a very aesthetic appearance with its special light gray tone structure.

Split Cube Stone

Blasted Split Cube Stone

All Sides Blasted Granite Kerb Series

Blasted Granite Slabs

Beveled Granite Kerbs

Natural Split Kerbstone